New Models Starting At $999

Today, we’re excited to announce new Boosted boards starting at $999. Two new models cost $999 and $1299, and the current model now costs $1499. These three models now cover every type of rider, from novice to expert and recreational to commuter. In this post, we’ll cover each model, our new financing program, how we lowered the cost of building Boosted technology, and how we’re doing something special for all existing Boosted riders.

Three models cover every type of rider and riding style

Boosted Single at $999

The Boosted Single drive was designed for portability. We adapted its one-motor system from our original two-motor design and used an upgraded motor for strong power. New electronics are rated for 1000 watts of power and precise acceleration up to 18 mph. The board can climb up a 15% grade and has regenerative braking that charges the battery as you slow down. We lightened the board to 13.5 pounds to make it even more portable than before. Finally, we increased range to seven miles. We will ship a limited run in January before we enter full production, and you can pre-order today at $999.

Boosted Single drive is $999 and designed for portability

Boosted Dual at $1299

The Boosted Dual drive is about great handling. We designed new electronics rated at 1500 watts to drive our twin motor design. Two independent motors separately driving the rear wheels provide superior traction and smoother power. This makes a big difference during sharp turns, hard acceleration, and strong braking. The 15 lb. board can go up to 20 mph or up a 20% grade, and it has a range of six miles. Many riders, like surfers, snowboarders, and skiers, prefer our twin motor boards for their balance and handling. We have limited quantities available to ship immediately, starting at $1299.

Boosted Dual drive is $1299 and designed for balanced handling

Boosted Dual+ at $1499

The original Boosted board is now called the Dual+. The same 2000 watt electronics have been upgraded with new, tuned software to increase the torque and top speed of the board. The result is the most advanced and powerful electric longboard ever built. The board now has a 22 mph top speed and can climb an incredible 25% grade. We’ve also made the power limits more adjustable, so the Dual+ is just as easy to learn to use as other models. You’ll love the Dual+ if you always like to go faster, you’re an experienced rider, or you’re someone who demands the very best. It’s available immediately in limited quantities and starts at $1499.

Boosted Dual+ drive is $1499 and designed for power

Get a board for less than $99 per month*

Changing urban transportation isn’t just about more advanced technology. It’s also about making electric vehicles accessible to everyone. That’s why we partnered with Affirm to give you a simple way to finance a Boosted board with no hidden fees. Choose 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments with rates from 10-30% APR, and you can ride a Boosted board for less than $99 per month*.

Building Boosted boards more efficiently

The cost of building the first Boosted boards, with our very high quality and performance standards, was much more than we expected. So our engineering team worked to reduce the cost without compromising these standards. We’ve developed new manufacturing and assembly processes, hired experienced supply chain engineers, and automated our quality control. And we have taken advantage of economies of scale, thanks to incredible demand from our early supporters. Because of that support and our team’s hard work, the cost of building a Boosted board will now be significantly less than when we started. A correspondingly lower price means that many more people will be able to experience the thrill of riding a Boosted board.

We’re especially proud of what we haven’t changed. We still use a Loaded deck made in California of 100% bamboo. We still use the same automotive-grade lithium batteries. We still design all our own electronics and write our own software. We still use the same gorgeous and durable all-metal drivetrain. And we haven’t changed how the board looks, because it was already stunning. By taking our time to do it right, we ensured our boards are still beautiful, well-designed, powerful, and magical to ride.

Our custom quality control system helped lower manufacturing costs

All existing Dual+ boards will be upgraded for free

Since Kickstarter, thousands of you have trusted and supported us when you purchased a Boosted board. Without you, Boosted would not be here today. Besides just saying thank you, we also wanted to do something special for all of you.

We’ve upgraded the performance of the Dual+ through software to make it the most advanced and powerful board in the world. We’re also going to upgrade your boards, which have the same 2000 watt electronics, with the higher top speed and improved acceleration and braking. This will be available as a free download in early 2015. Anyone who wants the upgrade sooner can meet us at a demo event or send their board back to Boosted. Details are at

We are also retroactively increasing existing board warranties to one year, with no limit on mileage. This also transfers to any new owner of the board. The Boosted board is one of the most reliable light electric vehicles ever made, and standing behind it, especially for our early supporters, is the right thing to do. All new models will be backed by a 6 month standard warranty instead of the previous 90 day warranty.

boosted electric skateboard assembly
Existing boards become faster and get an extended warranty

Thank you

To everyone who has believed in our mission and supported us so far, thank you. To the many more who will be joining us as we continue to build the world’s best light electric vehicles, we’re so excited, and we can’t wait to go riding with you.

*Based on 10% APR and product price of $999.