Introducing the Boosted Backpack

The Boosted Backpack is here! Each of its components are purpose-built by our industrial design team to enhance your Boosted experience.

No matter where your board takes you, this bag has all the features you’ll need for the short and long haul. We’ve designed an adjustable board carry system, magnetic outer pocket for remote storage, and internal compartments for securing your goods to make your transition from riding to carrying as seamless as possible. The roll-top clasps even double as fasteners for your helmet. Watch the launch video and get hyped. 

We designed this bag specifically for board owners.

Our goal in creating this backpack was to empower riders with an even more portable experience. Unlike any other backpack out there, this backpack is designed from the ground up to solve any portability concerns. The features include:

  • Board Carry Technology™
    Sturdy, secure, and designed specifically for your Boosted board
  • Helmet Carry
    Magnetic roll-top fasteners double as anchors for securing your helmet
  • Magnetic External Remote Pocket
    Low-profile side pocket lets you stash and grab
  • Charger Holster
    Thick internal strap keeps your charger at the ready

Works with both 1st and 2nd gen Boosted boards. Compatible with bash guards. Limited quantities available.

Stop searching. This is your one-bag solution for all the ways you live and ride.

Learn more or get yours now.