International Shipping Update

UK, France and Germany – Get Ready
Next week, we will send the first batch of final payment emails to Dual+ reservation holders in the UK, France, and Germany! You have two weeks to complete your order, otherwise, in fairness to those behind you in the queue, we will cancel your reservation and refund your $100 deposit.  

We send final payment emails by reservation date and ship boards by final payment date. After we email Dual+ reservation holders we will move onto Dual and then Single. As a reminder, Single reservation holders will have the opportunity to use the $200 Boosted credit to upgrade to a Dual or Dual+ board. Confused? Not to worry. Just remember, the early bird gets the worm (does that translate?) so be on the lookout for your email.

We are also happy to announce that we are currently offering free shipping for international customers (outside of North America). It’s our way of thanking our international community for your continued enthusiasm and patience.

International Schedule – Emails Coming through the Summer
We will not publish a schedule for order confirmation emails, as timing depends on reservation conversion rates across many countries.  However, thanks to the tireless efforts of our Operations and Logistics teams, we have been able to accelerate timing for the rest of our European reservation holders and provide a date range for our friends in Australia and New Zealand. Rough timeline below:

May: UK, Germany, and France
June: The Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Italy, and Spain
July: Switzerland, Norway
August/September: Australia and New Zealand

International Pricing
We have also worked to reduce the Duty and VAT as much as possible. Duty is assessed on the total purchase price of the board. VAT (Value Added Tax) is assessed on the total purchase price plus Duty. For example, in the UK, Duty is 2.7% and VAT is 20%. Therefore, the total due for a Dual+ with extended range battery in the UK is calculated as follows:

Dual+ with extended range battery: $1,599
Duty: $43.17 ($1,599 x 2.7%)
Reservation Deposit: -$100
Subtotal: $1,542.17 ($1,599 + $43.17 – $100)
Shipping: FREE
Taxes: $308.43 ($1,542.17 x 20%)
Total Due: $1,850.62 ($1,542.17 + 308.45)

You can find the current rates for all countries here.

We are excited to get you all riding as soon as possible. Please share your photos and stories with us as we add to our growing community of riders.

-The Boosted Team