Important Battery Information

On two separate occasions, a lithium battery cell has vented inside the battery pack of the 2nd generation Boosted board. The battery enclosure is a fire-retardant composite and worked as designed to contain the cell failure. Fortunately, no one was injured and no property was damaged. Our engineering team is conducting a thorough investigation and we will update everyone with the results.

We strongly urge all riders with 2nd generation boards to stop riding and stop charging them. Instead, please store them away from anything flammable until we complete our investigation. If you don’t have a convenient place to store your board, you may optionally remove the battery. These are precautions we recommend to ensure rider and home safety. We will also stop shipping boards to new riders.

If your 2nd generation battery shows signs of venting, which includes any smoke or the battery pack becoming warm, please move the board to a safe location outside and contact us at 650-933-5151 immediately. We also ask that you do not dispose of the battery so our engineering team can inspect it.

We take battery and rider safety extremely seriously at Boosted. We are working non-stop to diagnose this issue and resolve it for all our riders. We appreciate how incredibly disappointing this is for many of our riders, and we ask that you follow our safety recommendations immediately until we complete our investigation.

– Sanjay