Final Shipping Backlog Update


We wanted to post a final shipping update for the last group of international customers who may still be patiently waiting for their boards. We plan to be through the order backlog for Europe, Australia, and New Zealand over the next two weeks. You can expect to be riding very soon!

North America

We are now through the backlog for all North American orders. If you place an order for a board today it will ship as follows:

Boosted Mini S: 1-2 weeks

Boosted Mini X: 1-2 weeks

Boosted Plus: 1-2 weeks

Boosted Stealth: 3-5 business days

We will no longer be providing a weekly update as we will continue to ship within the timeframes listed on our site. Over the next few weeks, we will be working on reducing ship windows for all boards.

The demand for our new boards has been huge – we’re so excited to welcome so many new riders to the Boosted community!

– The Boosted Team