Extended Range Packs Shipping (in Volume…) in January

As we near December, we wanted to get an update out to everyone about progress and timing on the highly anticipated extended range battery packs. The great news is that the pack has passed all major technical performance tests and is now in pre-production. We’ve sent packs to our network of test riders, including Casey Neistat, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve been able to validate that the extended range pack delivers 2x the range while maintaining the same unparalleled acceleration and deceleration performance for which Boosted is known. And it does so while only adding about a pound of weight to the board, which is a pretty incredible feat of engineering. Stay tuned for reviews!

In regards to schedule, we expect to ship in high volumes in January, not in the December timeframe we had originally targeted. The reason for the slip from December into January is that we’re using one of the highest-performing cells on the market, which is currently available in limited volume. We’re privileged to be one of the earliest manufacturers to have access to them for any application, but the manufacturer requires a little more time to meet our volume demands. The good news is that once we start mass production, we’ll be able to clear the reservation backlog quickly, and we have an incredible cell with outstanding performance characteristics as the core building block of our new extended range pack.

We deeply apologize for the wait. At Boosted, we see the delivery of the extended range pack as nothing short of fulfilling an overdue promise to our customers and friends. But based on our own experience and the feedback we’ve received, we know that you’re going to love the extended range pack. It will be worth the wait!

-The Boosted Team