Extended Range Pack, Single, and International Update

As January 2017 comes to an end, we owe folks an updated timeline on the extended range pack, the Boosted Single, and international shipping. While our highest priority is, and will continue to be, shipping 2nd generation battery packs and boards, we took some time to reflect upon 2016 and some of the lessons we have learned since launch.

The number one lesson we learned is that we have to focus our product roadmap and prioritize products we know we can deliver to our satisfaction (and yours) within a realistic timeline. While we have devoted a significant amount of design and engineering time into both the Single and extended range pack, the two battery-related incidents and subsequent recall strained our resources and pushed the development timeline for these products back significantly.

In addition, we learned that we need to allow for more QA time, not only on the design, but also on the testing and manufacturing side in order to uphold our stringent quality and safety standards. Many of you in our community rely upon our vehicles to get to work and school every day, so we cannot afford to sacrifice quality and reliability for speed of development. We have one of the world’s most talented electric vehicle teams, and we want to give them the time and focus required to deliver exceptional products.

As a result, we have decided to focus the majority of the team on supporting and ramping the 2nd generation Dual+ and Dual boards, so we can continue fulfilling orders and ensure everyone is able to ride as the weather improves. This change in focus has enabled us to accelerate the shipping schedule for North American customers who have paid for or reserved a Dual+ or Dual. We shipped out the first replacement batteries on January 18th and the first boards will ship this week, three full weeks ahead of schedule. We hope to continue on that trajectory and will provide updated shipping schedule soon.

Extended Range Battery
As soon as we stabilize production and service, the team will move on to validating, testing, and ramping the extended range pack, which we will begin shipping in Q4 2017.  If you purchased a board with an extended range battery, we will ship your board with a standard range battery at your scheduled shipping time and will send you an extended range battery pack when they are available.

Why does it take so long? It’s a good question, and one we have analyzed carefully. At the end of the day, it all comes down to safety and reliability. Early on in the design phase, we determined that we could not use the same cells for the standard range pack and extended range pack and still deliver the desired mix of performance, reliability, safety, weight, and range. Therefore, we started development with a completely new cell from a top-tier manufacturer. The rules and regulations around lithium batteries continue to improve, and we have decided to take the additional time to deliver a safe and reliable pack.

We certainly hope to improve upon this schedule, but in the spirit of transparency, Q4 is the best estimate we have at the moment.

Single Reservation Holders
In order to deliver the extended range battery pack on this timeline, we have made the difficult decision to stop work on the Single, effective immediately. That means we will not ship the Boosted Single. We know that a Boosted board is a significant investment for many of you, so for all Single reservation holders, we’d like to offer you the ability to apply the $200 Boosted credit toward upgrading to a Dual or Dual+. For more information on how this works please read more here.

International Customers
Finally, to our international community, we have not forgotten about you–we value you greatly as early adopters in your home countries.Shipping internationally is a relatively straight-forward operation. However, providing international customers with the same high-level customer support and service that our North American customers enjoy takes more time to think through and execute globally, but is critically important to us. So, starting in May, 2017, we will begin fulfilling orders from the UK, Germany, and France first. We will add more countries throughout the summer and will update you as we identify the next set.

The entire Boosted team thanks you for your patience and support. To those who wish to cancel, we understand, and we look forward to earning your support back again later. For all our customers, we hope you see this update as our commitment to delivering the best product possible with an unmatched level of not just fun and performance, but quality, reliability, and service.