They’re Here: Extended Range Battery Packs Starting to Ship!

We’re beyond thrilled to announce that the first wave of extended range battery packs are here and ready to ship to customers!

First off, we’d like to acknowledge the (long) wait and thank you for your continued optimism and patience. We would not be here without our community and we appreciate all of the support you’ve shown since launch. We love the images and videos you share on our social channels and cannot wait to see where you’ll go with double the range.

Shipping Schedule

Over 80% of all 2nd gen owners elected to pre-purchase an extended range pack, so it will take us about 8 weeks to work through the queue. If we can further compress this timeline, we will.

Starting today, we’ll email the first group of customers who pre-purchased an extended range pack prior to April 27, 2017. We’ll reach out to customers in the order in which they placed their initial board reservation. That means we’ll begin shipping North American extended range packs first, followed by international. Thereafter, we’ll start contacting customers who placed a reservation for a pack after April 27.

Pre-Paid Customers

If you’ve already paid for your extended range battery, there’s no payment due and shipping is free. Once your pack is ready, we’ll send you a unique, one-time use link to confirm your address and we’ll send you the pack. It’s that easy! If you wish to cancel your extended range battery pack order and receive a $100 refund, you may do so at any time here.

Reservation Holders

Once we’ve shipped extended range packs to the pre-paid group of customers, we’ll begin reaching out to reservation holders to collect final payment ($199) and confirm shipping details. As a heads up, the 50% off promotion will end soon, so if you haven’t reserved a pack, please do so now here.

Updating Your Board

When you receive your extended range battery, you’ll need to update your board’s software via the new, upgraded Boosted app. This simple update, for 2nd gen boards only, is required prior to installing the extended range battery pack. To update your board, you must first create a user login on the Boosted app (if you have not already done so). You will then be notified via the app that the update is available for download. Watch the videos and learn more about how to get ready before your extended range pack arrives!

Happy riding!

-The Boosted Team