Enjoy Launches With Boosted Dual+

Today we’re excited to share our partnership with Enjoy, a brand new company changing how you buy and experience great products. They’re going to reinvent your product experience in the same amazing way that Enjoy’s founder and CEO, Ron Johnson, did when he designed the Apple Retail experience that so many of us love.


Enjoy lets you buy a Boosted Dual+, our flagship model, and book a time and place for delivery. One of their incredibly-trained Experts will meet you to deliver your board and show you exactly how to use it. They will answer your questions, go riding with you for the first time, and really make you feel at home with your amazing new board. And, best of all, it’s totally free (besides the board… nice try).

Over the past several months, we’ve gotten to know their team of Experts. They are a remarkable group. They know their products incredibly well. They care deeply about making your buying and learning experience better than you thought it could be. They share our commitment to getting the small details right. And they’re lots of fun to spend time with.

They are launching today in the SF bay area and shortly in New York City. We really hope you’ll check them out and share them with your friends, whether it’s for a Boosted board or one of the other awesome products they carry. Or just cheer them on with us as they grow something new and amazing.

Visit Enjoy today.