The Boosted App: Connect and Build Your Boosted Community

Riding is better with friends. The Boosted app’s new features include innovative geo-fencing and city-specific event notifications that make it easy to join local happenings and group rides. Update (or download) it now to connect to your board, and connect with our rider community.

Update the App for Local Event Access and More

  • Register for local events and connect with other riders. Never miss out on a Boosted event again or the chance to meet up with local Boosted ambassadors. Head to the app and we’ll be able to detect the city nearest you.
  • We’ll notify you when there’s an event. Once we know where you live, we’ll send you an event notification the next time there’s an event near you.*
  • Get Boosted messages. New app updates include an inbox where you’ll be able to RSVP for events, find location times, and get up-to the-minute information. In the future, the inbox will include competitions and other company news.

Don’t Have the App? Here’s Why You Should:

  • Get the latest software updates—first. As soon as we release a new software update, you’ll have it. Updates include features like: board registration, safety updates, smart watch support, and improved battery life.
  • See your stats. Curious to know more? The app lets you know how far you ride, how fast you go, and where you’ve been.
  • It’s compatible with all Boosted boards. And, it’s available for both iOS, Android users, and your Apple watch.

Download the Boosted app on iTunes or Google Play now.

*If you don’t see your city available, stay tuned. We’ll be adding more throughout the year.