Bluetooth hack fixed and available for download soon

We wanted to update our riders and fans with a short note about recent articles surrounding Boosted “hacking” via Bluetooth.

We take the security and safety of our riders very seriously at Boosted. Security researchers approached us late last year and showed us how a criminal could illegally use specialized jamming equipment and a laptop to remotely hijack and control a Boosted board’s acceleration and braking. We then decided to investigate how to change our Bluetooth software to prevent this. We loaned the researchers equipment, met with them multiple times at our office, and worked closely with them to develop a solution.

We have fixed this issue, and the fix will be included in our upcoming firmware release. This new firmware version, v2.0, adds Bluetooth encryption to prevent this exploit from working, and the security researchers verified this on their last visit to Boosted several weeks ago. Best of all, thanks to our recently launched mobile app, all Boosted riders will be able to update their boards to v2.0 quickly and conveniently at home.

You’ll be able to download v2.0 soon. We are currently testing the beta version to ensure quality before we release it to all our riders. We also hope you’ll join us in thanking the security researchers for working with us to make your boards safer and more secure. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to email us at