1st Gen riders, Get ready for your new board

For those of you who own or have ridden a 1st generation Boosted board, here’s a quick rundown of some of the operational differences between our 1st and 2nd generation boards. Hope you enjoy your new ride!

The Remote

While the 1st and 2nd gen remotes look very similar, the new remote’s internals have been completely redesigned, so the two versions are not interchangeable. The 1st gen remote can be distinguished by its gray Engage Button, Throttle Wheel, and Multi-Button. The 2nd gen remote is completely black.

Remote-Board Pairing

The board and remote will arrive paired to each other. However, if they should become unpaired, the process is slightly different to re-establish the connection. To pair the two, tap the remote’s Multi-Button 5x, then press the board’s Power Button 5x. Both the remote indicator and the battery power lights will turn blue and flash as they attempt to pair.
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The Charger

The 2nd gen charger has a shorter charger jack, and will not charge a 1st gen battery. The 1st gen charger will charge a 2nd gen standard range battery, however, it will not charge an extended range pack.


Checking Battery Life

You can now check the remaining battery life in three ways:

  1. Tap the board’s Power Button once to engage the battery’s indicator lights.
  2. Tap the Multi-Button once to engage the remote’s indicator lights.
  3. Connect to the Boosted app.

Each solid indicator light on both the remote and the board indicates 20% of charge, while a blinking indicator light represents 10%. Once the last indicator light starts blinking you will have about 10% of charge left. At 0% charge, the board’s acceleration will diminish and you will slowly begin to lose power.

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Powering On/Off

To allow for the board to distinguish between a tap (see above) and a push, it will take slightly longer to power on and off a 2nd gen board. Be patient.

Accessory Port

Our 2nd gen board incorporates two high-power, flexible accessory ports – one in the front truck riser and one in the rear truck riser. These ports will support future Boosted accessories such as onboard headlights, tail lights, deck lights, speakers, and a remote charging port that could also be used to charge a cell phone or other USB powered device. The accessory ports have 15V, 2A (30W) power output.

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Ride Feel

The torque output on the 2nd generation board is higher across the full range of speeds, which makes it a little faster off the line. First gen riders will notice the difference in acceleration and braking, particularly in expert and pro modes, so we suggest taking it easy on the first couple of rides.

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