12/30 Update

Everyone, we’ve got some fantastic news and some bad news.

Let’s start with the bad news. We can’t publish our shipping schedule today. All teams internal and external to Boosted have given their approval – except for one. Since that team can request changes that affect our schedule, we can’t publish anything without their ok. So while we had hoped to share our shipping schedule with you today, we need just a bit longer to get final sign off.

The fantastic news is that we have restarted production of battery packs. The first ones passed through our line on Thursday of last week and have continued through this week. This is due to some incredible work from the engineering and operations teams through their holidays. Our production line is now running and our team is focused on ramping speed and training the assembly team to build battery packs as fast as possible while still passing our new and significantly stricter quality testing.

We’d like to wish everyone Happy New Year, and we’re looking forward to sharing the schedule with you as soon as we get the last approval. We’ll keep you posted next week.