The Hype: Best of Boosted Reviews

Our mission has always been to reinvent transportation to be fun, fast, and simple for everyone. Our team has worked tirelessly to bring that vision to life by building our best-in-class electric skateboard family. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and we couldn’t have done it without the input and feedback from our loyal riders and die-hard fans.

Keep reading for a round up what people have said about our electric skateboards.

1. Time Magazine, Best Inventions of 2018

“Skateboards are best known for recreation, but electric options are changing the narrative: instead of kickflips and ollies, these battery-and-motor boards enable users to cover short distances in short order. And Boosted’s latest model is making them more accessible than ever.”

2. Wired Magazine, Review: Boosted Mini S

“Boosted still remains the gold standard. It costs a lot of money to make an electric skateboard feel as good as this.”

3. Buzzfeed, To Buy or Not to Buy: Boosted Plus Review

“I spend about $200 on the subway and Ubers. If I ride this board for 7 months, it’s already paid off.”

4. Marques Brownlee: Boosted Mini – the Tesla Model 3 of Electric Skateboards

Being smaller, Mini has three main advantages: carrying, turning radius and ride style.

5., What Happened When I Rode a Boosted Board From New York to Philadelphia

“The Boosted Board outlasted me, like an inexhaustible dog. When my eyes open the next morning, there it is, sitting on the floor, waiting. I feel a weird pride in it. It’s a machine, a pickup truck, and a Porsche.”

6. Engadget, The best electric skateboards for getting around campus

“Depending on the size of your college campus, you might have a long commute to your next class and not much time to get there. Bikes are maybe a little too bulky for a packed quad, but you won’t seem out of place on a skateboard. “

7. TechCrunch, Boosted nabs $60M as the electric skateboard maker looks to build something new

“Boosted has developed a pretty solid brand name for itself in the electric skateboard space, one that can probably step into new vehicle verticals with a certain level of prestige already attached.”

8. Apple Insider, Review: Boosted’s top-flight, iPhone-connected Stealth electric skateboard

“The key selling point of the Stealth is speed. If you select the board’s fifth ride mode, Hyper, you can hit 24 miles per hour — blisteringly fast when you realize the only thing keeping you from eating asphalt are grip tape and balance.”

9. Electrek, Boosted just raised $60M to make new ‘vehicle-grade’ light EVs

“If you aren’t familiar with Boosted, then consider them as something like the Apple of electric skateboards. They made a name for themselves early on in the market when they released their first Boosted Boards in 2012. They’ve since become the brand to imitate and have led the industry in design and quality.”

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