The Boosted app isn’t just good looking, it’s where you can: register your board, receive over-the-air firmware updates, and get nearby event notifications. Here are 9 reasons why you should download the Boosted app and get riding now.

#1: Vehicle Registration

New updates from Version 4.0 of the app allows for includes seamless registration with our new Boosted Rev (and all of our boards!). Download the app from the App sStore or Google Play and follow the onscreen instructions. Benefits of registering include: vehicle tracking if your ride is it’s lost or stolen and protection and warranty coverage in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

#2: Connect & Get Started

For first time owners of any Boosted vehicle (including the all-new Boosted Rev), the app the best way to access your Quickstart Guide. When you connect to your vehicle via Bluetooth, the Boosted app will automatically detect your vehicle type and direct you to the appropriate Get Started Guide.

#3: Fill Out Your Profile

When you fill out your profile, the app can estimate your range in each of our three ride modes-super handy when planning your routes

#4: New & Improved Design

The latest version (4.0) of the app includes a facelift. We designed it to be user-friendly, sexy, and slick—just like your Boosted.

#5 Check Your Charge

Receive a heads up when it’s time to turn around and head home based on your remaining battery range. You can also set a minimum and maximum charge level in the Boosted app. When activated, the app sends you a notification when the battery is fully charged or when it hits a low-charge state so you can plan accordingly.

#6: Apple Watch Compatible

Riding and looking at your phone screen isn’t the smartest move. The Boosted app is Apple watch compatible, so you can simply lift your wrist to check your speed and battery level. You can also swipe up to change your ride mode (when your vehicle is at a complete stop).

#7 Firmware Updates

The new version of the Boosted app includes over-the-air firmware updates. If at anytime the software on your vehicle requires updating, there’s no need to send it in, the engineers at Boosted can install updates directly through the app.

#8 Sign Up for Notifications

The all-new inbox is the central spot to register for events, find location times, and get up-to the-minute even information. In the future, the inbox will include competitions and other company news.