We are overdue for a schedule update and would like to shed some light on where we are in the shipping process.

Two Week Delay Due to Batteries

Unfortunately, we’ve had a unexpected two week delay in our battery shipment schedule. We’ve looked into expediting shipments and production timelines further, but cannot do so without compromising our battery and product safety standards, so we will need to push our delivery schedule by about two weeks as well. We’re sorry for the delay and inconvenience.

Dual+, US and Canada

We are happy to provide more specific timing on order confirmation and shipping dates, starting with Dual+ reservations shipping to the US and Canada. This is thanks to hard work from our manufacturing and operations team to verify parts availability and improve our production visibility. We will update customers in any batch if there’s a significant deviation from this schedule.

Updated: 10/05/2016

Dual+ Reservation Date  Order Confirmation Email  Shipping Confirmation Email
May 19 8/31 9/30
May 20 9/8 10/7
May 21-22 9/15 10/10
May 23-24 9/22 10/17
May 25-June 1 9/29 10/20
June 2-June 16 10/6 10/27
June 17-June 26 10/13 Schedule To Come
June 27-August 6 Schedule To Come Schedule To Come
August 7-September 18 Schedule To Come Schedule To Come
September 19-present Schedule To Come Schedule To Come

Dual, US and Canada

We are finalizing availability of parts and will share more information early next week.

Dual+and Dual, all other countries

We are much closer to beginning to ship internationally. We are currently in the process of obtaining final certifications for CE and compatibility of our materials with country-specific import rules. However, a significant amount of uncertainty exists in battery shipment timelines and costs due to recent external events affecting both lithium batteries and shipping carriers. As a result, we still do not know exact transit times and costs, which are necessary for us to create our schedule. We greatly appreciate your patience as we gather this information from our partners. Although we cannot provide a specific schedule today, we are actively working on creating more clarity.

Single, all countries

We are currently on schedule for beginning shipments in early 2017. A more specific schedule is not yet available.

Extended range battery pack, all countries

We are currently on schedule for beginning shipments in early 2017. A more specific schedule is not yet available.

Quality Data

We’d also like to improve our transparency by sharing some quality data. A small number of riders have reported issues with their boards, and these issues represent <4% of our riders. We are working hard to reduce this number to our usual levels. We also have successfully resolved 40% of these issues so far and continue to work to resolve all of them. Our service response times have risen above 24 hours due to the large volume of orders. In response, we are hiring new team members to improve our service response time. Finally, we are beginning to stock spare parts.

Thank you to all our riders

We have been shipping for 3 weeks now, and our riders have been sharing overwhelmingly positive feedback. To everyone who has received their board already, we hope you’re enjoying it and riding safely. Please keep sharing with us and with the community, and we can’t wait to get everyone riding soon.