11 Reasons Why Boosted Electric Skateboards Lead The Pack

At Boosted, we pride ourselves on making the very best electric skateboards out there. But, it took years—years of development and testing, years of gathering customer feedback amassed over millions and millions of miles, and years of listening to your suggestions gathered across social media and in group rides and events-to optimize every detail of our boards to get where we are today.

Our riders rave about our electric boards (and so does Time Magazine). Here a few of the reasons we’re so proud of our best-in-class boards.

1. The Boosted Belt-Drive

Boosted boards use belt drives, which utilize gears and a toothed belt to magnify the acceleration, braking, and hill climbing capabilities of our vehicles. Or, in simpler terms: we have superior torque. It’s what gives Boosted boards an unparalleled sense of control at top speeds, allows them to effortlessly power up 25% grade hills, and provides riders with smooth acceleration and confidence-inspiring braking.  

2. Wheels Made for Grip & Control

We designed and engineered our own wheels for our latest boards to give you an overall ride that’s very stable and predictable. They’re a little softer on the outside which helps with dampening and rolling over bumps, yet firm enough to provide a good amount of turning strength. Conclusion: An overall ride that’s secure and predictable.

3. The Flex(ible) Deck

By designing and engineering our own decks, we’ve been able to control how they feel and respond. The wood and composite material deck allows strength and vibration dampening while the flexibility helps in two ways: 1) a flexible board acts as a suspension system to help absorb the shock and vibration from the street (Your legs will thank you); 2) flex as you lean into a turn gives you better turning control.

4. Our Ergonomic Remote

We designed our remote with an emphasis on intuitive firmware to make your ride safer and easier to control. An ultra-responsive, spring-loaded wheel with a patented Boosted Jerk Filter provides a careful taper when both accelerating or braking. What is the Jerk Filter? If you’re in a slower Ride Mode setting, the filtering is more pronounced, which provides softer, smoother, more gradual transitions between accelerating and braking. If you’re in the advanced settings (like Pro or Hyper) you experience more responsive input.

5. Superb Hill-Climbing Skills

Our family of boards provides up to 25% hill grade for climbing if you opt for Boosted  Stealth or Boosted Plus and up to a 20% hill grade for our Boosted Mini models. That means nothing’s going to stop you—not even the hilliest hills in your town.

6. They’re Made to Last

We made our boards to last for years and years, with attention to materials and a clear devotion to craftsmanship. Not only can they handle many thousands of miles in real street-condition riding (just ask our riders), they’re built with ultra-flexible decks, durable wheels designed to take the stress of all terrains, and forged trucks made from aircraft-grade alloy. We subject our products to an intense, rigorous testing schedule that exposes our boards to thousands of impacts at several hundred G’s of force, insane drops from loft heights, and brutal environmental conditions from extreme temperature, humidity, and UV exposure all to create a board that will truly last for miles and take you everywhere.

7. Choose Your Mode

Whether you’re a speed junkie or just need to get to work in a more timely (and fun) fashion, our boards have multiple Ride Modes so you can increase torque and top speed as you gain in skill and confidence. The ability to choose your Ride Mode allows both new and veteran riders to create a custom ride experience.

8. Fast Charge

Boosted charge times range from 1 hour and 15 minutes for standard range batteries, to 1 hour and 45 minutes for extended range batteries. To put it in a bit more context, every 15 minutes of charge time equals about one mile of range so even if you’re in a pinch, you can top up in a hurry.

9. Ultra-Portability

When our co-founder, John, first realized he needed a new mode of transportation, he was inspired by the desire to literally drop, go, and pick up at the door of his destination. No parking, no bike locks, no barriers to where he needed to be. Owning a board makes getting there fluid—even if there’s a train, bus, or car involved, you can take it with you. And, for those traveling by plane, Boosted Mini S is TSA-approved.

10. They Go the Distance

Boosted boards have two different ranges: a standard range of 7 miles for Boosted Mini S and an extended range of 14 miles for the rest of the fleet. Use Boosted Mini S for short errand-running bursts or quick jaunts across town and Boosted Stealth, Boosted Mini X and Boosted Plus for longer commutes and epic joy rides.

11. You’ll Love Getting There

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey, and we want you to have fun getting there. Our boards are truly made to transform the mundane to the magical.

Fast, Fun, Simple Transportation

Boosted is on a mission to make transportation better for everyone. Curious? Come join the ride.